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"Louisiana Alphabet" by Laurie Parker


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"We love Louisiana - so let's celebrate her!"

With that opening line, Louisiana Alphabet invites the reader to enjoy a heaping helping of fun - as it highlights some of the many features that give the state its richness, flavor, and charm.  Readers with roots in the state will relate to its delightful and lyrical verses.  Using carefully-crafted rhymes, alliterations, and whimsical paper collage illustrations, writer/artis Laurie Parker has created a book that is a treasure for children adn adults alike.  The lyrical verses, such as this one for the letter P, will prompt you to read aloud:

"P's for Brown PELICAN - it's our state bird,

And P is for PONTCHARTRAIN.  What a fun word!

P is for PARISH - a county of sorts,


Over 350 Louisiana town names are included in the ABC theme!

About the Author:

Laurie Parker has enjoyed writing ryhming narratives, lyrics, and verse since early childhood.  Another of her long-time favorite pastimes is cutting and pasting paper to create collage such as onces used to illustrate her books.  Parker is a self-employed artist who crafts a unique line of whimsical pins which she currently sells at art shows and retail events throughout the South.

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"Louisiana Alphabet" by Laurie Parker

"Louisiana Alphabet" by Laurie Parker

Louisiana Alphabet by Laurie Parker uses rhymes to highlight Louisiana's richness, flavor, and charm!

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